Founder’s Note

Ben Masters, Scout

Ben Masters

Founder & Creative Director

The first place I remember camping was my backyard, in my dad’s old tent. It was a red pup tent made from ripstop nylon and aluminum poles. I spent a lot of time in it as a kid, and I ended up spending a lot of nights under the stars and around campfires and learned how to be pretty resourceful in the outdoors as a Boy Scout. I often look back on that time in the wilderness and wonder how it influenced my character – I think I was better for it. For all the skills and life lessons I learned out there, what calls me back to the outdoors is a sense of awe for the beautiful things out there and a sense of wonder and mystery for the things I cannot see or control or predict.

Out there one comes face to face with the infinite and can perhaps start to glean some sense of place in the universe. There, we can perceive our size in relation to a starry night sky, or a mountain and know that we are small and young creatures standing at the foot of an epic world. It can be a pretty humbling experience and has been shared by many a man and woman throughout time. It can change the way you think about things if you let it.

I moved from Florida to Seattle a ways back and came to experience nature in an entirely new way. Washington State has the ability to inspire a reverence for the outdoors with its Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges, the Puget Sound, high deserts and rain forests all of which can be accessed from the metropolis and cultural hub that is Seattle. In this incredible setting Scout was conceived as a brand unlike others in its uncompromising view on creating outdoor goods in the US that are as beautiful and inspiring as they are functional, simple to use, and relevant to today’s outdoor enthusiast. I think these products are the best you will find anywhere in that regard, and I hope they inspire you to enjoy the outdoors and to consider yourself as prepared as the next Scout.

We’ve got a lot more to show you and we’re going to be around for a while so stay tuned – this is just the beginning. Thanks for being here.

—Ben Masters